Amazingly clean windows. We Guarantee.
Amazingly clean windows. We Guarantee.
Professional Window Cleaning
Professional Window Cleaning

Direct Debit sign up page

Thank you for visiting our Direct Debit sign up page. This is the most hassle free way of paying for your Window Cleaning. We have around 75% of our customers paying this way with really good feedback. But why you may ask? Here is a quick overview of the benefits:


. Completely covered by the Direct Debit guarantee making it the safest form of payment

. Easy to set up

. Hassle free, no manual payments or reminders to pay

. Payment only processed once we have cleaned


How it works:

1, Set up your direct debit below

2, We will send a message the day before we are due each time

3, We will clean your windows

4, Payment will be requested from your bank and 3 days later it will process.



Click the button below to register and enjoy the most hassle free window cleaning you can get:

Please Note: 

If you have already settled your latest bill by Bank Transfer then your DD will be processed on your next clean. But if you still have a balance outstanding then we will settle this balance by Direct Debit.


Thank you again for your continued custom.

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