Amazingly clean windows. We Guarantee.
Amazingly clean windows. We Guarantee.
Professional Window Cleaning
Professional Window Cleaning

How does the Direct Debit System work?

We have teamed up with the trusted Direct Debit system offered by GoCardless. They handle all of our Direct Debit requests. 


Is it Safe?


Yes it is a securely encrypted system. This means no one, including us, have access to your account details. GoCardless are part of the FCA and adhere to their strict guidelines on customer security. All of your DDs are covered by the DD Guarantee.


How does it work for my service?


Once we have cleaned your windows, we will set up the DD through our GoCardless account. We will only ever do this once your windows have been cleaned, never before. You will ALWAYS receive email confirmation that the DD process has begun. It then takes 3 days to process and leave your nominated account.

 What about our Recurring Card Payments?

We can take all types of credit or debit cards. We use our trusted partner Square Card Systems to process your recurring card payments. So how does it work?

If you have opted to pay by this method you will recieve your quote from us, along with an invoice for £1. If you want to accept the quote, all you need to do is click on the 'Pay Now' button and pay the £1 fee. Please make sure you tick the 'save card to file' box so we can automatically charge your card for your service. Your service will only begin once you have done this. The £1 fee is just a means for us to be able to have your card details on file, this will be deducted from your first clean price.

Once you have registered your card details:

. You will receive an appointment reminder by text the day before we are due to clean your windows.

. Your card will be charged on the morning that your windows are due to be cleaned. This confirms to us your card has been accepted and the clean can go ahead.

. We'll confirm each payment by email once it has been processed.

. If your card has been declined then your clean will be postponed and you will need to update your card details within 48 hours.

* If you would like more information direct from the Go Cardless website please click here